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We possess 40 years of on-the-job experience in designing, building and maintaining automation control systems.  We are industry trained and committed to keeping up with the latest advances in the field. We are proud to offer the most creative and up to date solutions to your unique control challenges.


QUALITY PLC Automation Solutions

Specializing in industrial electrical maintenance, design, application, maintenance and troubleshooting of process control, factory automation, power management and PLC controls, using Allen Bradley and Automation Direct PLCs and HMIs.

When your project needs to be done quickly and with an eye for quality, look no further than Applied Control Systems, LLC. 


Robert J.Lawless, Chairman, President and CEO

McCormick and Co.

  • Custom Control System Design
  • PLC Control System Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • PLC & Relay Logic System Upgrade
  • PLC Backup and Documentation
  • Production Downtime System Monitoring Design and Installation
  • Motor & Motion Controls
  • Power Management System for Demand / Load Control
  • Industrial Electrical Maintenance
  • In-home automation

“Your excellent work on several major projects over the past few years has been invaluable to the Plant.Your efforts have allowed the team to decrease the operation time from seven to five day schedule while continuously meeting customers demands and saving $500,000 in raw material cost."